Sunday, March 3, 2013

Baby Rattle Cake Pops!


~Baby Rattle Cake Pops (That actually rattle)~

     Baby rattle cake pops was one of those things that started out simple... but progressed into something that I fell in love with. You know how it goes, you create a simple game plan for something, but as you continue on further into the adventure, you start seeing all the possibilities of what it could be. For me, that's why these started out as cake pops that looked like baby rattles... to cake pops that rattled! That's right, I created my very own edible baby rattles.
     Believe it or not, these were actually my very first cake pops. Took me longer than I had originally planned, but I'm sure that's only because I had never done this before. You experts may find this to be a quick craft... Being my first time and all... I hit a couple of road bumps, but all for the better because they bumped me off the road and to the path straight to these beautiful cake pops!
     In case you don't know what a cake pop is, I shall start you there. Basically it's cake, in a ball, on a stick and covered in candy coating or chocolate. There are two ways of execution with these
  1. You can do it the original way and crumble cake, mix in icing and form balls with it.
  2. You can buy a cake pop pan that's specially designed to make these little cuties! Keep in mind that this can create this annoying line around the center that can make it less smooth. If you're not horribly OCD like I tend to be then really this doesn't affect it :)
     For a simple cake pop you can use either one. For these in particular, I used both. Did I plan to?... Well that's a different story...
    Like I mentioned before, these were my very first cake pops. Therefore, when I got the new cake pop pan for Christmas (and skipped over the instructions) I filled up the pans, popped it in the oven, and waited to see what would happen. Let's just say I made a mess. I overfilled it, overflowed it, freaked out... then fixed it :)
     After I got over my initial freak out moment (it happens sometimes, give me a break) I started to see it wasn't that bad. I scraped off the top part of the mix, crumbled it up, added some icing and used that to create the smaller cake balls on the bottom. That worked out well for me, because then I had the regular cake balls for the top and the smaller ones for the bottom. Just a little reminder that those moments that look bad at first, could actually be better for you in the end (keep your head up).

     When the baking was done I could finally start my decorating. For simple baby rattle cake pops, there really is only a couple of steps.
  1. After the cake has cooled take your melting chocolate or candy coating (I used pink Candy Melts), dip your lollipop stick in the melted coating and then stick it in the regular sized cake balls. Prep all of the regular sized cake pops and then take all of them and repeat the same steps with the smaller size of the cake balls. This is extra security "gluing" the cake pops on.
  2. Dip the prepped cake pops in the Candy Coating and tap of any excess coating.
  3. While coating is still wet apply any decoration you want. Be creative! I used heart shaped sprinkles and created a color sequence around the top. (It helps to already have the sprinkles laid out and ready to use so the coating doesn't dry while decoration).
  4. Set out to let coating dry. It shouldn't take long and by the time you're done with the last ones the first ones should already be dry. I set the cake pops over the edge of a pan so the coating wasn't touching anything as to not mess up the design.
  5. Repeat steps with the smaller balls.
  6. Tie it off with a ribbon of your choice!
     If you want to go for it and make your rattles "rattle" then there's only a couple of more steps.

  1. Instead of a lollipop stick use a colorful straw. Trimmed to the desired length without a bend.
  2. Before adding the bottom cake ball. Use a paper funnel and insert nonpareil sprinkles.
  3. Repeat other steps as normal and see how the rattles... RATTLE!
     After I got to the end I was more than pleased with my little baby rattles and must admit I fell in love with cake pops in the process! Too bad these cake pops were already promised to someone else, other wise I might (meaning, I would) have gobbled up those little treats one by one!

     Right now, I'm all ready to make some more. Hopefully there are some baby showers on the way!
Comment with reviews and any questions you might have :)

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